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September 7, 2015

Dear Students and Random Guests,

Greetings and an announcement that will be to your delight and benefit.

An Autumn Training Period is being offered by Hermitage Heart, led by Myotai Sensei, fresh from her late summer respite in the ancient center of Southern culture and other misdeeds, Asheville, NC.

Please join the sangha (that’s you the moment you assemble or otherwise indicate that you are us) for varied and familiar expressions of spiritual exploration: sitting quite still, exploring dharma teachings, and the great and gracious autumnully, and otherwise, declining mother earth.

On this last considered-summer night, a variosity of possibilities. In the morning…as the cool NY day begins to march towards its forecast 90 degrees, we shall post the link to the full Hermitage Heart Fall calendar. For now, save next weekend if it’s not too late: two events you won’t want to miss if you’re in the vicinity of New York City. We have the miraculous, or at least uncommon good fortune of free-of-charge space to gather: Saturday morning for a talk on Broadway, no less (at UPHI, in Washington Heights) and Sunday morning for heart-to-heart,one-to-one meetings and zazen (at NYZendo, on the upper East side.) It gets no better.

There will be two retreats as the Autumn rolls on, (one at the Jersey Shore…).Throughout the Fall months: Saturday dharma talks and sangha sits in noble Washington Heights, and don’- miss-it Sundays of sitting and dokusan with Sensei at NYZendo, where there will also be an evening talk on Wednesday, October 7th. All and any participants will be rewarded with an invitation to ye Olde Griste Mill in ye Olde Garrison for a glass of apple cider and Sensei’s should-be-illegal pumpkin bread to celebrate the fabulousness of internal reflection and service to all (October 4). Kid-bringing is encouraged. (The book "Silence" will be available.)

For country mice up Garrison way, (or anyone wanting to making a one-hour scenic train ride…), there is Wednesday evening sitting at said Gristmill during September, and spiritual direction that can be scheduled, along with a cup of tea, throughout the leafy season.

At the conclusion of our training time, as sesshin concludes in NYC, several students will make public their big and beautiful vows in a ceremony of Jukai.

At the November beach retreat, in addition to scads of zazen, reports are there may be (shhh) transitions for a new priest and a new dharma holder.

If you miss this opportunity, then you will have made a mistake in managing your priorities as this event will not re-occur during your visit to our planet, the City of New York, and the greater metropolis.

Rested and in the saddle again,
your servant and fellow dharma voyageur,

Tasshu Myotai

(Contact Hermitage Heart for information on events)

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