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The Gristmill Hermitage is in Garrison, New York. The original grinding stones are still in residence, and the waterfalls and millpond create a setting where the sound of falling and coursing water create an environment with a very particular dynamic. It is the writing home of Sensei Bonnie Myotai Treace, founder of the the Bodies of Water School of Buddhism, and also provides opportunities for poets, artists, environmentalists, and meditators to work on special projects, receive spiritual support, study together or in solitude. At the Mill, Myotai Sensei also offers private spiritual direction sessions, leads meditation and there are special retreats and lectures.

Gristmill Hermitage Dedication

Ancient spring wind
in the arms of the weeping cherry
The eyes of every daughter and son
fill with the falling blossoms
of endless coming and going
Now we rest
in the place of true activity
Never apart from the water
that is insulted by "flowing"
yet streaming
This Hermitage is Thus.
May it serve as Such.

Tasshu Myotai May 8, 2010

photo: Jan Hird Pokorny Associates.com

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