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Hermitage Heart was founded by Bonnie Myotai Treace, Sensei in 2004. The emphasis of Hermitage Heart since its beginning has been to support  those seeking to develop spiritual lives with a vibrant depth of solitude as well as a sense of the dynamics enriched by times in community. Those associated with Hermitage Heart tend to have an appreciation of art and language as paths of service, as well as an authentic commitment to genuine awakening, The background tone of the training and teaching of Hermitage Heart is primarily Zen Buddhist,  and Myotai Sensei has a clear appreciation to her several decades in the Mountains and Rivers Order, and her time as Abbess of the Zen Center of New York City. The retreat house of Hermitage Heart is Gristmill Hermitage in Garrison, New York, where Sensei offers spiritual direction, meets with Zen students, leads meditation and other retreats, as well as working with artists, environmentalists, and others in the projects of the Bodies of Water School (BOWS). 

The current social action project of BOWS is the Water Mala, which helps create and support awareness of the global water crisis

> Practice of the Water Mala Bowl
> Practice of Meditation
> Practice of Home Hermitage
> Practice of Meeting with the Teacher
> Practice of the 7 Daily Services
> Practice of Liturgy and Precepts