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For Individuals

You can receive a dedicated bowl from a Water Mala Ceremony, and become part of a gentle community of 108 people practicing together.

The Water Mala Ceremony is based on an ancient Buddhist Tantra that converts each bowl into a "living being," joined with the others of it's mala. Just as each bowl is spiritually connected, so is the water contained therein—originally coming from a common, blessed central bowl, later to be replenished, honored and cared for by the recipients of each bowl. Caring for a bowl from the ceremony is an invitation to look at all water in a vibrant new way with an awareness that each drop is precious and sacred. By this, we celebrate water's universal vitality in our lives and connect it—and ourselves—to the world at large.

For Groups

You can invite Myotai Sensei to bring the Water Mala Ceremony to your conference or event, to have a Water Dedication as part of the opening.

The Ceremony itself is very simple, yet quite profound. People of all faith traditions easily join in and gain a sense of resilience and support, while also being charged with personal responsibility and gaining a renewed respect for the imperative at hand.

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