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The first edition of the " Water Mala" was offered as a memorial gift by Hermitage Heart to 108 representative friends, distinguished colleagues and family of Thomas Berry, a man deeply loved and widely inspiring. In order to honor the atmosphere of the Memorial Ceremony, it was decided to let people know in advance that  a bowl was being offered to them. Obviously the selection of a this number had to be somewhat random, influenced in part by such things as who would able to attend the Memorial Ceremony. (We ask patience if there was any oversight; though 108  may indicate the infinite, any others who might like to receive a bowl are more than welcome into the circle. Please see: "Future Water Malas")

We are very pleased to welcome as the first 108 bowl-receivers this wonderful circle who represent in their lives a particular resonance with Thomas Berry, each continuing in unique, and remarkable ways the calling for a sacred expressiveness of the human possibility. 


A special online community was developed for recipients of the Thomas Berry Mala. 

If you have not received the login information for this area, we apologize. Please contact us with your name and bowl # (inscribed on the bottom of your bowl) and we will reply with the username and password.

>> Visit the private site

>> More information on future public Water Malas

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