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Fill your bowl with tap water; place it in a windowsill where you live or work.

Keep it topped up with water; as you do so, give attention to water.

This is solitary, yet there are 107 other bowls in your mala;

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What is it to "give attention to water"?

The request is to take this apart slowly, consciously.

 • First is the genuine question of what it is to give.

Not to pay, not to exchange, but to give. 

 • Then to turn attention to attention — not once, not then and it's done, but each time one remembers. Attention, always being a new beginning, is not a task one fails. 

 • To give attention to water, then, is not to settle into knowing it, but to let it be new. What is water? Perhaps needed tears. Perhaps a world crisis. Or the blue world itself. Or so much oneself there is no place apart to stand and see it. Today a commodity, a dried up sea, a life of urgent obligation; tomorrow, a place of unlimited support, unspeakable awe, tap water simplicity —

Receiving one of the bowls of a Water Mala is an invitation to take “water” personally. It is to be part of a large body of water, and yet know the utter privacy of sacred life. Keeping the bowl filled depends on you, just as you depend on water, just as you are water. When it is forgotten, it will go dry. Give it attention, and mind and body are likely to receive a fresh sense of the beauty and support provided by the world “outside the window,” and quietly, palpably connect not only with the other bowls and people in the mala, but all life. 

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